The Papillon

The Papillon was a corvette of the French Navy. She was captured by the Royal Navy during the French revolutionary Wars.

She was attacked with a cutting out expedition from HMS Indefatigable under Pellew . First Lieutanant Eccles was in overall command, commanded the launch, and boarded Papillon from the starboard quarter. Sailing Master Soames commanded the cutter boarding at the larboard quarter. Lieutenant Chadd commanded the first gig, boarding at the starboard bow and was responsible to cut the anchor cable. Midshipman Mallory commanded the second gig and boarded at the larboard bow. Midshipman Hornblower commanded the jolly boat and was to board at the main chains either side as he saw fit, to take charge of the main rigging and to loose the maintopsail,which he ultimately chose the larboard.

Hornblower's jolly boat crew included Clough , Hales (stroke oar), Jackson , and Oldroyd . Jackson was to assume command in case Hornblower fell.

It was during the approach upchannel that Hales began to create a disturbance and Hornblower found it necessary to silence Hales by unshipping his tiller and striking him in fear that they would be detected by the enemy. Hales was left behind when Papillon was taken.

Jackson, seaman, second in command of the jolly boat, provided first aid to Hornblower when he burned his hands by descending too fast down the brace.

Behind the scenesEdit