The Natividad and the HMS Lydia

"Signal from the lookout, sir. Natividad's gone about - one more tack and she'll be at the harbor mouth. "
"Very good, Mr. Crystal. Well, gentlemen, that leaves time for a rubber of whist.
Crystal and Horatio Hornblower[src]

Natividad was a powerful 50 gun, two-decked Spanish frigate that operated in the Pacific Ocean.


"Captain Elliot and Captain Bolton have been plying me incessantly with questions about the battle between the Lydia and the Natividad."
Barbara Wellesley[src]

Captain Horatio Hornblower captured the Natividad from the Spanish and installed Lieutenant Gerard as prize master. However, soon after it's capture, El Supremo demanded that he be given the Natividad. To placate the madman, Hornblower agreed. El Supremo sent his Vice-Admiral, Crespo, to take command of the Natividad and hang the executive officers. Hornblower hid the ship's officers, and informed Crespo that he had dropped them overboard after a court-martial.

When Hornblower was informed that Napoleon had conquered Spain, and a junta government had been formed in opposition that had signed a treaty with England, he was forced to engage the Natividad again. The two ship's duel was interrupted by a storm. After a third encounter with the Natividad, Hornblower finally managed to sink her.


The HMS Lydia fires at the Natividad

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