"I'm no boy, sir. And I am no coward. And I'm no scarecrow that has to be tied up so he don't bite his own shadow... sir."
―Henry Wellard to Captain Sawyer, after being called a coward by the captain[src]
Henry Wellard was a midshipman aboard HMS Renown, Captain James Sawyer commanding.

Henry Wellard as portrayed by Terrence Corrigan.

The unstable captain of the Renown, Sawyer, accused Wellard of conspiring against him, and had him beaten. When Sawyer fractured his skull after falling down a hatchway, Wellard was one of the first to come under suspicion. However, there was no evidence to incriminate Wellard other then the fact that he was seen near where Sawyer fell, shortly after he had fallen. He also participated in the night attack on the fort, and he was the first one to see the Renown enter the bay.

In Lieutenant Hornblower while Hornblower was a laid off Lieutenant working in the Long Rooms playing whist with whomever needed a fourth, Bush read in the Naval Chronicle that Wellard and two other seaman drowned when the HM cutter Rapid "in the Revenue service, while returning in the fog from delivering a message on shore, was swept by the ebb tide athwart the hawse of a merchantman anchored off Fisher's Nose, and capsized".

In Hornblower: Retribution, as the Spanish prisoners escaped, he was seen in the Captain's cabin, trying to break something open, and as he was doing it, Captain Sawyer saw him, and just after, he was with the Captain when the three Spanish soldiers entered, and successfully killed one, but he was shot below the neck, and died, not knowing who pushed Sawyer in to the hold. Before he died he told Hobbs that the captain had called him brave.