The HMS Lydia

"If I am not back aboard the Lydia within one hour, she'll train her guns upon your fort and reduce it to rubble."
"With you in it, Captain?"
"That is my order.
Horatio Hornblower and El Supremo[src]

HMS Lydia was Horatio Hornblower's first frigate command.

History Edit


The Natividad and the HMS Lydia

The Lydia was a middle-sized fifth-rate built at Woolwich in 1796 to the design of Sir William Rule at a cost of £19,070. Her commission under Hornblower began on March 12th, 1807. She sailed first to Alexandria, Egypt, but then in 1808 was given secret orders for a very ambitious mission to Central America. There, the 36-gun Lydia fought and sank the much larger Spanish ship of 50 guns, the Natividad.

Lydia supported a crew of 274 and was armed with twenty-six 18lb guns, eight 9lb guns, and two 12lb guns. She was 143 feet long and berthed 951 tons.

Crew Edit

  • Lady Barbara Wellesley, sister of the Duke of Wellington seeking passage from Panama back to England
  • Hebe, Lady Barbara's handmaid
  • Samuel Simmonds, Lieutenant of the Marines

The HMS Lydia fires at the Natividad

  • Bailey, Gunroom Steward
  • Benskin, Seaman
  • Brown, Captain's Coxswain
  • Chump the Negro, Seaman
  • James Clifton, Boatswain's Mate
  • Crystal, Master
  • Dawson, Seaman
  • Gray, Master's Mate
  • Hall, Ordinary Seaman
  • Hankey, Ship's Surgeon
  • Harrison, Boatswain
  • Harper, Ordinary Seaman
  • Hudson, Ordinary Seaman
  • Laurie, Acting Surgeon, Purser's Steward
  • Owen, Seaman
  • Polwheal, Captain's Steward