Coordinates: 43°28'N, 8°15

Ferrol was a Spanish naval station in northwestern Spain. Hornblower was imprisoned here for two years after his capture by the Spanish. The Ferrol battery was situated on the north point of the Bay of Ferrol with the town of Ferrol to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the town of Corunna (Spanish: A Coruña) to the southwest across the Bays of Betanzos and Coruña. Offshore was the reef marked on the charts as Dientes del Diablo, or the Devil's Teeth.

As midshipman and acting lieutenant, Hornblower berthed with other midshipmen and warrant officers. During his period of imprisonment, Hornblower received word that he had been promoted to lieutenant in absentia, at which time he was moved to the officers quarters and given certain additional liberties. He gives his limited parole for 2 hours a day so he could explore the town and countryside. When he observes a Spanish ship chased on to the reef by a British ship he organises a boat and rescues some of the crew. Swept out to sea they are picked up by HMS Syrtis, but as Hornblower was still under parole, he asks to be returned to Ferrol via A Coruna. The Spanish authorities, impressed by his bravery, granted his release from prison.

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