"Acting captain. I tell you, Horatio, never was a man more aptly named. He plays a part, and he doesn't even believe it."
Archie Kennedy, to Hornblower about Buckland[src]

Buckland was the first lieutenant of the HMS Renown. He was an ageing first lieutenant, and struggled to move beyond that.


Buckland as portrayed by Nicholas Jones .

In the short story Hornblower and the Widow McCool, Lieutenant Buckland assigned to Hornblower the responsibility of Barry McCool during his court-martial and setting up punishment.

Buckland initially seems capable and approachable, showing support for the other officers and voicing his concerns about Captain James Sawyer's mental state. But he is not up to the job once Sawyer is incapacitated. He runs the Renown aground in Samana Bay and has to rely on his other lieutenants to kedge her off. He hesitates when deciding to launch a night attack on the Spanish fort, relying on Bush to sway him.

During the Spanish prisoner uprising on the Renown, Buckland is caught asleep in bed, and is then tied up and gagged, having to be released after the ship has been secured by Hornblower. During the trial, he is mocked by the court for this, but remains supportive of his other officers.

On TV Edit

In Hornblower: Retribution Buckland turns against his other officers. He handles a hostage situation with some freed slaves badly, and considers leaving his 3 lieutenants behind as they slight the fort. At the court-martial he slanders Hornblower and accuses him of pushing Sawyer into the ship's hold. Kennedy, mortally wounded, delivers a false confession to the crime before he dies to protect Hornblower. Buckland is left a broken man.