Elizabeth Patterson "Betsy" Bonaparte (6 February 1785-4 April 1879) was based upon the actual woman, a daughter of a Baltimore, Maryland merchant and the first wife of Napoleon's youngest brother Jérôme.

Betsy portrayed by Camilla Power

Betsy and Jérôme were married on 24 December 1803 in Baltimore. Napoleon ordered his brother to return to France without Betsy and tried to have their marriage annulled. They attempted to travel to France together to attend Napoleon's coronation, but Betsy was denied permission.

Jérôme went on to Italy leaving Betsy in London in the fall of 1804. Betsy gave birth to a son on 7 July 1805. Jérôme gave in to his brother, and returned to the French Navy without Betsy and married Princess Caterina of Württemberg, Germany.

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